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"Simon, Yer a ruddy genius. Top of Google already. Well Done. Cheers mate." D.H.

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Managed Online Marketing by Dr Search Managed Online Marketing

Managed Online Marketing by Dr Search is the one reason that you found this page. Some search engines use keyword meta tags although some now ignore these. Some use the description tag and some even use what is called 'alt text', the text you see when your cursor is over an image on a page. It is most common for the search engines to use a combination of all these and many other factors too.

The search engine's algorythm's are constantly changing - which is why Dr Search works full time on them.

What sort of site can be promoted in the search engines? Well the short answer is virtually any service or product.

There are some types of internet languages which search engines have trouble reading and there are some practices that make it harder for a search engine spider to follow, these should be avoided.

But with so many different subjects being discussed on the internet from the charity efforts of charity cards to information and help in organising guided bike tours the possibilities are virtually endless.

Apart from the conventional search engine optimisation techniques, there are various ways of getting your site to show up well on search engines. Content pages (NOT doorway pages) can be a good idea. They are pages related to your site through a topic, rather than the main subject.

One development has been for many search engines - especially the minor ones - to insist on paid submissions. A word of caution though, some are more effective than others! We know which ones are worth paying for and how to make the best use of the free ones too.

If you were looking to get your website redesigned and you lived in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire then you may look for a search term such as web design Cotswold. If you got results back related to website design and building in London you would be disappointed, however this is the sort of thing you may get if you are paying for results on for search engine.

Many companies that are located in one part of the country like to use 0845 numbers to advertise their service as these telephone numbers are priced at the same rate from all over the UK so an 0845 number called in Cornwall will connect you with the office in Scotland but cost you the same price as the call from Dorset.

It's all too easy to relax when you finally get a good result ranking but if you do, you are likely to fall as your competitors will keep battling you in the future.

We offer a Ranking monitoring service to make sure all the hard work of the climb up is not lost and to ensure your website business remains the most cost effective money you will ever invest.

Some deals are too good to be true – be aware.

You may see adverts from people offering what look to be great deals. "We'll submit your site to 3000 search engines for £49.95!!" Why is that a bad deal?

For starters, there aren't 3000, or even 300, search engines that are worth submitting to. The top six search engines get 90+ percent of the hits. Time is much better spent figuring out how to maximise your results in the important search engines and in specialised directories.

The cheapies aren't going to do that for £49.95. In fact, all they're going to do is to plug your URL into an automated program that submits it to a list of search engines and 'link farms' with the click of a button.

However, search engine submissions do not always take on the first attempt, and many engines deliberately exclude automated submissions. So your £49.95 is gone, and your site will see no benefit.

Things have moved on. Many search engines now discriminate against this type of software so we submit manually to only selected engines & directories.

You would be better off buying some charity cards and helping someone as the money you would have spent on this 3000 search engine submision is like throwing your money away, at least with the charity cards you can help someone.

What to do next

Well if you have reached this far down the page you are either board and killing time or interested in promoting your website in the search engines. I hope it is the latter and that you will give me the opportunity to help you.

The next step is to either call me on 01242 521967 and ask for the Doctor NOW. For help, advice and a free confidential consultation lease contact the good doctor now- after all waht have you got to lose but more money and frustration?