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Online marketing UK by Dr Search. Since retailers in Britain typically operate nationally and deliver purchases anywhere in the country, searches often lead directly to sales, said Andrew Edwards, European president of a digital agency.

About 3.9 percent of visits to British digital retailers’ sites yield purchases, compared with 2.5 percent of American site visits, according to Coremetrics, an ecommerce tracking service.

In Britain, analysts correctly predicted that Internet advertising would overtook TV advertising in 2009.

Hardest hit has been Britain’s biggest commercial broadcaster, ITV.

On average, Britons spend 23 hours a week on the Internet, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau. The Internet accounts for about a quarter of Britons’ time spent with all media, according to Citigroup, nearly double the percentage in the United States. Americans use their computers an average of 14 hours a week, according to Nielsen Media Research.

TV advertising has held strong in the United States, where about $72.56 billion will be spent on TV ads in 2008, according to Universal McCann, which is part of the Interpublic Group. That represents a quarter of all ad spending, and that proportion has held roughly steady since 2000.

Local advertisers in the United States have been slow to move money digitaly. In 2008, for example, local spending on digital ads in the United States was $1.3 billion — or 8 percent of all Internet spending, according to eMarketer. But local ads made up a little more than a third of overall ad sales in the United States.

Ad executives said American TV networks were unlikely to lose as much ground as British networks had. “TV’s just too important for our society,” said Martin Reidy, president of Modem Media, which is part of Digitas. “I don’t think the Internet will ever surpass it here.”

In Britain, the growth of Internet ads seems to be bringing down the amount of money spent in the overall advertising market as well.

There's no doubt that, done properly, Search Engine Optimisation and professional digital advertsing can send many more visitors to your site.

With over a trillion billion pages in the search engines it is vital that your site gets found at the top of the search engine listings for the phrases that relate to your business.

If you are serious about your search engine optimisation strategy then you should find a company that you are happy to work with on the development of your website, a company that has the experience and proven track record to help you achieve your goals for your website.

When deciding on the company you want to work with, you should consider the following points:

* Have they got good results for people in the past?
* Can they show you testimonials?
* Will they let you call and talk to customers?
* Do they use ethical SEO techniques?
* Do they do the work themselves or outsource it?

Remember if the Search Engine Optimisation is not done properly it can harm rather than help your website in the search engines.

So please employ a professional expert search engine optimiser- a specialist who makes sure that your relevant words and phrases appear in the best positions on the pages. There are many other considerations, complicated by the engines modifying their preferences on a regular basis.

The trick is knowledge and experience. Do not trick the search engines- work with them.

There are those who try to fool search engines. If they are detected, the site will probably be penalised, either shifted down the rankings or, in many cases, removed from their listings completely. It's worth noting, search engines all use different means to look for sites.

Don't forget relevant links in from related sites. Many don't like frames or dynamic pages. They can't follow the content properly so they don't index frames and dynamic sites deeply.

For help, please contact the Doctor NOW! For help, advice and a free confidential consultation lease contact the good doctor now- after all waht have you got to lose but more money and frustration?